Solar Doesn’t Have To Mean ‘Sun’ Anymore

Solar energy, renewable strength, easy strength, alternative electricity, green energy – till currently it is all meant one thing… The sun, however thermodynamics has changed that!

Did you already know, that currently the top-ranking u . S . For solar energy manufacturing is Germany, reportedly generating 38,250 megawatts of its strength from renewable sources?

Germany isn’t always known for being the freshest of nations, yet on April thirtieth 2017, Germany mounted a brand new national report for renewable strength use, in which over 1 weekend in May, eighty five% of all of the strength consumed, became constituted of renewable sources which include wind, sun, biomass, and hydro-electric energy.

It could appear, that there are extra sun PV panels established right here than anywhere else within the world. In 2016, Italy, any other European united states, become additionally indexed because the 4th maximum wealthy for solar electricity generation, with France no longer far at the back of in 6th location.

The United Kingdom that is a greater economically advanced united states than each France and Italy, and not a ways behind Germany in its financial progressions, stocks a comparable climate to the Northern elements of those nations, with unpredictable weather situations and plenty of overcast days, yet pitifully – the United Kingdom isn’t even featured on that listing!

So why? What is it approximately sun power this is putting us Brits off?

It’s no secret the UK is a state of holiday lovers, we like going abroad, our barbecues and garden parties. If a touch little bit of solar pokes via the clouds – we’ve our swimwear on and are sat in a foldable garden chair with a pimm’s, faster than you can say “sunburn”.

But if we are all so eager to jump at making the maximum of a tiny bit of sun, then is not it excessive time that we started thinking about how we are able to take our Great British climate by using the horns, and harness some electricity from it – sun or no sun?

There are after all 8760 hours in a year, with the United Kingdom averaging 1493 hours of sunshine a year. So, if the technology is now to be had to make the maximum of the 7,267 hours a year that we don’t see sunshine, alongside the times we do – actually, we have to be leaping on the chance to harness it?

How thermodynamic hot water ought to trade our lives and enhance the environment

Shockingly, in the UK, ninety eight% of home and commercial greenhouse gasoline emissions from heat, reportedly come from conventional area and water heating techniques.

In light of our increasing attention of the damage that CO2 and greenhouse fuel emissions are doing to our planet, the UK chooses now not to spend money on renewable options, for worry that there simply won’t be enough sun to return on funding.
We can’t alternate the weather, but there need to be some thing we are able to to utilise the climate we do get…

Thermodynamic solar hot water heating structures or ‘sun assisted warmth pumps’ such as the Solamics Bunsen Air, had been researched, designed and synthetic as low fee, tremendously green structures, made purposely to suit the UK environment – and here is the great bit… THEY DON’T NEED THE SUN!